Spring -dark version-

The air smelled so sweet. The flowers are blooming indicating that it’s spring now. Ila and Malilith could hear the sounds of birds chirping, insects playing around the bushes and the butterflies flapping its wings to the next flower. It was a nice weather too. There were no sign of rain and the sun was not too hot. It was a perfect day to go out and have some fun. Probably go picnic like how they usually do when it’s the first weekend of spring. Ila stared up at the sky, to the clouds. They looked soft but somehow heavy in her eyes. Malilith was writing something on a paper. Ila couldn’t care about it anymore since every time she came near, Malilith will ask her to go, somewhere far from him.

Lost in her deep thought, Ila didn’t notice Malilith standing up and leave their house. Only later then when the cloud she’s been staring at went too far from her sight she noticed that Malilith’s gone. At first she panicked, calling Malilith’s name over and over again while searching for the boy all over the place. When she failed, she looked down to the floor, wondering where he could have been. Then, he noticed a note at the table Malilith was using earlier.

“Ila, I’m sorry I’ve hurt you. I do love you but the pain is so much to take. Let me go out for a while and don’t look for me. I’ll be back before midnight.”   -Malilith

Ila sighed at this. She knew just how much it hurts. It hurts when you’re looking at someone and see someone else. It has been like this since Fye leaves this place to go to somewhere better. At first she thought of just waiting Malilith to come home but then she suddenly get the idea to go to the same picnic spot where the three of them used to go before. She took her shoes and wore it. After hiding the keys at their secret place, she went straightly to the place that meant so much to her.

The flowers there are beautiful. It was still untouched, like always. It’s their secret spot and it seems that no one has found it. Lately there are more type of flowers blooming. Ila smiled at this and sit under that big tree to shade herself from the sun. She had always hated the sun.

Today she was here again.

Today she has hated the sun again.

Today she was alone.

She stared up into the sky, it’s so blue with clouds of white.

It’s so beautiful.

It’s so relaxing.

It’s so hurting.

She silently brought her hands together, lacing them and act like it was someone else’s hands. She then brought her hands up to her chest, where she could feel her heart thumping slowly but it beginning to thump faster and faster as she was lost in her deep thought. It was like this day where she and the other two have had fun together. It was a day like this she had fights with Malilith. It was a day like this she had tea with Fye. It was always like this before and she was never alone. But today, she is alone. And it hurts her so much that she couldn’t even cry for it. Probably she has grown accustomed to this pain lingering. Then, she heard her cell phone ringing.

I’ve tried so hard, to be by your side

She take a look on the phone screen and she quickly flip her phone to answer the call.

“Ila…” said the caller.
“Why are you here?”
“Ah, here? Where?”
“Stand up and turn around, the other side of the tree…”

She stands up and does what the caller asked her to do. And then she spotted Malilith sitting with his phone on his hands. She comes closer to the boy and sits next to him. Then she said over the phone, “I’m here, with you.” Malilith put down his cell phone. Upon seeing this, Ila push the cancel call button and put down hers too, the same model only different colour. Like always, Malilith’s red while Ila’s dark blue. Then, she laced her hands with Malilith’s. Malilith look contented, his eyes closed as if he was sleeping. Ila relaxed hers and closed her eyes as well.

It feels good to be by his side.

It feels good to have our hands laced.

It feels good to be like this.

And both of them drifted off to their dreamlands.

Where Fye was there too, lacing his with the other two hands.

Where Fye was there too, smiling at both of them.

Where Fye was there too, whispering to them how much he loved them.

It was a nice dream, too nice to be true even though that was the truth not long ago. And both of them only wake up to see the darkened sky. There was no star at all, only a lonely moon up above the sky. Probably it’s going to rain later. The clouds are thick and heavy. It’s cold and almost freezing so both of them decided to head back home, hands still laced together.

Each day passed by without you by our side
Still we can’t stop try to hope that you’ll come by
And when the lonely time, it hurts
So much that we can’t let it cry
Within the temptations of leaving home
We’d carve it back into our heart

How much we’ve love you, we’ve been missing you
That’s the only thing we know right from the start
I know I can’t see you right now as he always cried at night
Deep into our sleep, we’d dream of you again, tonight

As always I thought that I would be
As always as he could care it would be
We’d spend the rest of the day staying in the rain
Without you by our side, our side

And when it all went too dark
I know I’d see you in the light
And when it gets too bright instead
We know you’ll be there to shield us there

And in these moments while my hand is still laced with his
I wish to tell you, he wish to whisper it to you
Goodbye and we love you
More than you knew we do


~ by Malilith Ila on December 7, 2009.

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