Spring -light version-

“I saw yours! That one’s blue!” said Malilith loudly for the others to hear, pointing at a little flower. The flower is so small and alone, it looked so fragile. It’s almost as if it’d die with one soft blow from the wind. None of the others are blue. Among this little one there were only red and white.

“Really? Let me see! Let me see!” said Ila excitedly when she heard Malilith. It is really hard to find blue ones. In fact this is the first time for her. She used to hear that there was blue ones before from one of her friends but she never seen one yet. What they always find was the violet ones, not blue. It is super rare to find the blue ones that they said if you find one then you could make any wish and it would come true. Of course that’s only a lie. It was her friend who made that up.

“Wow! It’s really blue! A pretty blue!” exclaimed Fye happily. He was there first since he’s closer to where Malilith was. Hearing that coming from Fye, Ila ran as fast as her leg could let, still minding where she stepped on not wanting to kill those innocent flowers around her too much. She was really eager to see it. When she reached there she was amazed with what she saw with her own eyes.

“Sugee! It really is! Yay! Finally! My own flower!” said Ila happily. She came closer to take a good look at it and she saw little thorns around that little flower. She told Fye about it and Fye only chuckled telling her that it’s probably because that little flower has a bad habit of poking the other flowers around it with the thorns before he earns idiotic looks from both Ila and Malilith. Both Ila and Malilith then shrugged that off and swear in front their oldest brother that they would never believe whatever he’s telling.

“Hey, let’s plant it at our house!” suggested Fye, easing the irritated looks from Malilith and Ila. Surprisingly it worked when both of the others smiled to that idea.

“Good idea! It looked so lonely here. I didn’t have the heart to leave it here alone,” replied Malilith to the suggestion while his eyes fixed on the blue beauty. They carefully dig into the ground about two or three centimeters from the blue flower and recover it in Malilith’s hands. Then Fye took a red flower from around there while Ila worked on the white ones. Then, the three of them smiled as they begin their journey back with the three flowers.

Once they are home they quickly go to the garden and plant the three flowers right where they could see it from the living room, somewhere around the glass sliding door. “Haha, that looks like a collection!” laughed Fye at the sight after they finished planting those three in lines. The blue ones in the middle since it’s so rare to find.

“That one’s Ila’s! That red one’s mine! And that white one’s Fye’s!” explained Malilith cheerfully.

“They looked good together,” commented Ila, approving Malilith’s sudden explaination.

“Like us,” added Fye, smiling at the others. The three of them then laughed out loud at that and teased Fye for it before presenting him with a continuous kiss on his cheek by the other two. This spring, it blooms our love. And that why we love spring except for the bugs, haha!


~ by Malilith Ila on December 1, 2009.

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