Perfect Imperfect World Project III

Project 1 – Welcome to the new world, the reality world.

The seniors are sent to the different countries to live. Life doesn’t seem as hard as they thought it will or is it tougher? New juniors are taken in to the academy. Will they get used to the new environment?

Projet 2 – The academy’s fashion week.

It’s fashion week. All clubs needs models and designers. But they only have a week to prepare everything! What should they do?

Projekt 3 – Valentine’s Day!

Everyone are aiming at 10 students. Who are they? “Feel the horror of the Valentine’s Day,” said Flester.

Progetto 4 – Attacks!

The island is under attack. Who are the attackers? Can the seniors save the day? Death brings trauma to some of the students.

Progetto 5 – It’s the real war now.

More and more attacks and now they know where are those attackers from. The island is exposed to the world. It’s time to get serious and the war might not look very nice.

Progetto 6 – Holy grail

Some of the students are kidnapped by the attackers. This month’s in charge students will make the kidnappers regret it. Meanwhile, some of the other students are growing weaker due to power overusing.

Progetto 7 – Olive and white pigeons

Finally everything are starting to calm down. Thanks to the students, the island is now safe again. But there are still one problem.

Projecto 8 – Will music cure?

Time to straighten things up. The academy is back on the way it used to be before. Talented musician are on the move. How will music help?

Proyecto 9 – Just add sugar

Sports week? Trouble for the bookworms, heaven for the sports maniac. White, blue, black, or red? And there are rumors that the headmaster will attend the event?

Projek 10 – Final exam

It’s the graduation exam again. Who will graduate this time? And the prom night, of course. Will everyone has their own partner? Who will stay?

Project 11 -Co-curricular month

Contests, prizes and fights! In this month, everything is on. The academy’s politic affairs, allies and enemies are now written down in the presidents personal journal. Will everyone do their best?

Projekt 12 – Mata ashita

All the seniors are back to report themselves. Old friends meet back together. The juniors got to see the seniors that they adore. It’s the best festival of the year.


~ by Malilith Ila on August 17, 2008.

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