Perfect Imperfect World Project II

Episode 1 – Love kills the poison

It’s the time to change classes again. Creshamiera got separated from Dylan and bump into Klesterine. Creshamiera decided to have Klesterine as her servant but Klesterine is against it. So they have a fight. Who will win?

Episode 2 – Die drei Aces

The three Aces finally got separated from each other. How will they cope with this?

Episode 3 – Death and spies

Two of the students are almost killed. The Academy sent Micleez, Dante and Nabil who are in charge this week.

Episode 4 – The truth about the Academy

Airell, a new student is brought in. He slowly learns that this Academy, community and place is not as what he thought it would be. And why does the Academy take him in? What sort of ability he has?

Episode 5 – Rain all the way

Rainess is sad. Her siblings wonder why. Her sadness caused the Academy alot of trouble. It is time for Arienne, Dylan and Clauristrine to work it out.

Episode 6 – Military, no military.

It’s the time of the year. This month is the Military training month. Everyone has to train and everyone whine about it. The Academy is split into 20 groups and they have to fight against each other. It’s war and everyone is worked up for the grand prize money.

Episode 7 – And the war still goes on.

Only 4 of the team left. The infirmary is almost full. Who will win?

Episode 8 – Break time

After the war of the Academy. It is time for the holiday. But is it holiday if they will only stay at the Island anyway?

Episode 9 – Conflicts between teachers and students

The teachers are pushy. The students are stupidly genius. They fight. But why?

Episode 10- Audiere’s kingdom

Audiere has too many supporters. Each of them are trying to win Audiere’s heart.

Episode 11- Nerds for exams

They heard that this graduation exam is going to be hard. Everyone was worried about it and study as much as they could. Will they get good results?

Episode 12 – Goodbye, seniors!

It’s graduation time. Sadness and happiness overflow. Who will leave the island and who will stay? Also, it’s prom night party. Will everyone have their own partner?


~ by Malilith Ila on August 16, 2008.

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