WE CAN’T TAKE THIS! (part 4)

“Sheesh, Malilith you shouldn’t say—”

When Fye look at Aeriel again, he sure does blushing. So red. He laugh at himself inside. (ha ha ha ^^”)

“Say.. Ila. If you don’t mind, can I go out with you?”

Everyone was very shocked with what Aeryl just said.

“Uhmm.. hahahaha.. Well.. I don’t think Ila-san will just go out with-”
“Sure! Why not?” cuts Ila.

Again, everyone is really shocked with the straight forward answer. In the other hand, Malilith was thinking and his heart is screaming, “NO!!!!!!!!!!! ILA WILL DATE WITH THIS GUY???? HOW ABOUT US????”

“Fye… *sniffles* I think.. *sniffles* Ila… our Ila doesn’t.. *sniffles* love us.. any.. anymore..” said Malilith and broke into a run.

Fye chase after Malilith about 5 seconds later after saying “sorry” to both Aeriel and Aeryl. Somehow this is getting weird. Ila sighed and continue to find her homework book.

“Uhmm.. Is it okay to leave him like that, Ila?” asked Aeryl.
“Well.. Fye will calm him down so don’t worry”


~ by Malilith Ila on August 2, 2008.

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