Spring -dark version-

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The air smelled so sweet. The flowers are blooming indicating that it’s spring now. Ila and Malilith could hear the sounds of birds chirping, insects playing around the bushes and the butterflies flapping its wings to the next flower. It was a nice weather too. There were no sign of rain and the sun was not too hot. It was a perfect day to go out and have some fun. Probably go picnic like how they usually do when it’s the first weekend of spring. Ila stared up at the sky, to the clouds. They looked soft but somehow heavy in her eyes. Malilith was writing something on a paper. Ila couldn’t care about it anymore since every time she came near, Malilith will ask her to go, somewhere far from him.

Lost in her deep thought, Ila didn’t notice Malilith standing up and leave their house. Only later then when the cloud she’s been staring at went too far from her sight she noticed that Malilith’s gone. At first she panicked, calling Malilith’s name over and over again while searching for the boy all over the place. When she failed, she looked down to the floor, wondering where he could have been. Then, he noticed a note at the table Malilith was using earlier.

“Ila, I’m sorry I’ve hurt you. I do love you but the pain is so much to take. Let me go out for a while and don’t look for me. I’ll be back before midnight.”   -Malilith

Ila sighed at this. She knew just how much it hurts. It hurts when you’re looking at someone and see someone else. It has been like this since Fye leaves this place to go to somewhere better. At first she thought of just waiting Malilith to come home but then she suddenly get the idea to go to the same picnic spot where the three of them used to go before. She took her shoes and wore it. After hiding the keys at their secret place, she went straightly to the place that meant so much to her.

The flowers there are beautiful. It was still untouched, like always. It’s their secret spot and it seems that no one has found it. Lately there are more type of flowers blooming. Ila smiled at this and sit under that big tree to shade herself from the sun. She had always hated the sun.

Today she was here again.

Today she has hated the sun again.

Today she was alone.

She stared up into the sky, it’s so blue with clouds of white.

It’s so beautiful.

It’s so relaxing.

It’s so hurting.

She silently brought her hands together, lacing them and act like it was someone else’s hands. She then brought her hands up to her chest, where she could feel her heart thumping slowly but it beginning to thump faster and faster as she was lost in her deep thought. It was like this day where she and the other two have had fun together. It was a day like this she had fights with Malilith. It was a day like this she had tea with Fye. It was always like this before and she was never alone. But today, she is alone. And it hurts her so much that she couldn’t even cry for it. Probably she has grown accustomed to this pain lingering. Then, she heard her cell phone ringing.

I’ve tried so hard, to be by your side

She take a look on the phone screen and she quickly flip her phone to answer the call.

“Ila…” said the caller.
“Why are you here?”
“Ah, here? Where?”
“Stand up and turn around, the other side of the tree…”

She stands up and does what the caller asked her to do. And then she spotted Malilith sitting with his phone on his hands. She comes closer to the boy and sits next to him. Then she said over the phone, “I’m here, with you.” Malilith put down his cell phone. Upon seeing this, Ila push the cancel call button and put down hers too, the same model only different colour. Like always, Malilith’s red while Ila’s dark blue. Then, she laced her hands with Malilith’s. Malilith look contented, his eyes closed as if he was sleeping. Ila relaxed hers and closed her eyes as well.

It feels good to be by his side.

It feels good to have our hands laced.

It feels good to be like this.

And both of them drifted off to their dreamlands.

Where Fye was there too, lacing his with the other two hands.

Where Fye was there too, smiling at both of them.

Where Fye was there too, whispering to them how much he loved them.

It was a nice dream, too nice to be true even though that was the truth not long ago. And both of them only wake up to see the darkened sky. There was no star at all, only a lonely moon up above the sky. Probably it’s going to rain later. The clouds are thick and heavy. It’s cold and almost freezing so both of them decided to head back home, hands still laced together.

Each day passed by without you by our side
Still we can’t stop try to hope that you’ll come by
And when the lonely time, it hurts
So much that we can’t let it cry
Within the temptations of leaving home
We’d carve it back into our heart

How much we’ve love you, we’ve been missing you
That’s the only thing we know right from the start
I know I can’t see you right now as he always cried at night
Deep into our sleep, we’d dream of you again, tonight

As always I thought that I would be
As always as he could care it would be
We’d spend the rest of the day staying in the rain
Without you by our side, our side

And when it all went too dark
I know I’d see you in the light
And when it gets too bright instead
We know you’ll be there to shield us there

And in these moments while my hand is still laced with his
I wish to tell you, he wish to whisper it to you
Goodbye and we love you
More than you knew we do


Spring -light version-

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“I saw yours! That one’s blue!” said Malilith loudly for the others to hear, pointing at a little flower. The flower is so small and alone, it looked so fragile. It’s almost as if it’d die with one soft blow from the wind. None of the others are blue. Among this little one there were only red and white.

“Really? Let me see! Let me see!” said Ila excitedly when she heard Malilith. It is really hard to find blue ones. In fact this is the first time for her. She used to hear that there was blue ones before from one of her friends but she never seen one yet. What they always find was the violet ones, not blue. It is super rare to find the blue ones that they said if you find one then you could make any wish and it would come true. Of course that’s only a lie. It was her friend who made that up.

“Wow! It’s really blue! A pretty blue!” exclaimed Fye happily. He was there first since he’s closer to where Malilith was. Hearing that coming from Fye, Ila ran as fast as her leg could let, still minding where she stepped on not wanting to kill those innocent flowers around her too much. She was really eager to see it. When she reached there she was amazed with what she saw with her own eyes.

“Sugee! It really is! Yay! Finally! My own flower!” said Ila happily. She came closer to take a good look at it and she saw little thorns around that little flower. She told Fye about it and Fye only chuckled telling her that it’s probably because that little flower has a bad habit of poking the other flowers around it with the thorns before he earns idiotic looks from both Ila and Malilith. Both Ila and Malilith then shrugged that off and swear in front their oldest brother that they would never believe whatever he’s telling.

“Hey, let’s plant it at our house!” suggested Fye, easing the irritated looks from Malilith and Ila. Surprisingly it worked when both of the others smiled to that idea.

“Good idea! It looked so lonely here. I didn’t have the heart to leave it here alone,” replied Malilith to the suggestion while his eyes fixed on the blue beauty. They carefully dig into the ground about two or three centimeters from the blue flower and recover it in Malilith’s hands. Then Fye took a red flower from around there while Ila worked on the white ones. Then, the three of them smiled as they begin their journey back with the three flowers.

Once they are home they quickly go to the garden and plant the three flowers right where they could see it from the living room, somewhere around the glass sliding door. “Haha, that looks like a collection!” laughed Fye at the sight after they finished planting those three in lines. The blue ones in the middle since it’s so rare to find.

“That one’s Ila’s! That red one’s mine! And that white one’s Fye’s!” explained Malilith cheerfully.

“They looked good together,” commented Ila, approving Malilith’s sudden explaination.

“Like us,” added Fye, smiling at the others. The three of them then laughed out loud at that and teased Fye for it before presenting him with a continuous kiss on his cheek by the other two. This spring, it blooms our love. And that why we love spring except for the bugs, haha!

Perfect Imperfect World Project III

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Project 1 – Welcome to the new world, the reality world.

The seniors are sent to the different countries to live. Life doesn’t seem as hard as they thought it will or is it tougher? New juniors are taken in to the academy. Will they get used to the new environment?

Projet 2 – The academy’s fashion week.

It’s fashion week. All clubs needs models and designers. But they only have a week to prepare everything! What should they do?

Projekt 3 – Valentine’s Day!

Everyone are aiming at 10 students. Who are they? “Feel the horror of the Valentine’s Day,” said Flester.

Progetto 4 – Attacks!

The island is under attack. Who are the attackers? Can the seniors save the day? Death brings trauma to some of the students.

Progetto 5 – It’s the real war now.

More and more attacks and now they know where are those attackers from. The island is exposed to the world. It’s time to get serious and the war might not look very nice.

Progetto 6 – Holy grail

Some of the students are kidnapped by the attackers. This month’s in charge students will make the kidnappers regret it. Meanwhile, some of the other students are growing weaker due to power overusing.

Progetto 7 – Olive and white pigeons

Finally everything are starting to calm down. Thanks to the students, the island is now safe again. But there are still one problem.

Projecto 8 – Will music cure?

Time to straighten things up. The academy is back on the way it used to be before. Talented musician are on the move. How will music help?

Proyecto 9 – Just add sugar

Sports week? Trouble for the bookworms, heaven for the sports maniac. White, blue, black, or red? And there are rumors that the headmaster will attend the event?

Projek 10 – Final exam

It’s the graduation exam again. Who will graduate this time? And the prom night, of course. Will everyone has their own partner? Who will stay?

Project 11 -Co-curricular month

Contests, prizes and fights! In this month, everything is on. The academy’s politic affairs, allies and enemies are now written down in the presidents personal journal. Will everyone do their best?

Projekt 12 – Mata ashita

All the seniors are back to report themselves. Old friends meet back together. The juniors got to see the seniors that they adore. It’s the best festival of the year.

Perfect Imperfect World Project II

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Episode 1 – Love kills the poison

It’s the time to change classes again. Creshamiera got separated from Dylan and bump into Klesterine. Creshamiera decided to have Klesterine as her servant but Klesterine is against it. So they have a fight. Who will win?

Episode 2 – Die drei Aces

The three Aces finally got separated from each other. How will they cope with this?

Episode 3 – Death and spies

Two of the students are almost killed. The Academy sent Micleez, Dante and Nabil who are in charge this week.

Episode 4 – The truth about the Academy

Airell, a new student is brought in. He slowly learns that this Academy, community and place is not as what he thought it would be. And why does the Academy take him in? What sort of ability he has?

Episode 5 – Rain all the way

Rainess is sad. Her siblings wonder why. Her sadness caused the Academy alot of trouble. It is time for Arienne, Dylan and Clauristrine to work it out.

Episode 6 – Military, no military.

It’s the time of the year. This month is the Military training month. Everyone has to train and everyone whine about it. The Academy is split into 20 groups and they have to fight against each other. It’s war and everyone is worked up for the grand prize money.

Episode 7 – And the war still goes on.

Only 4 of the team left. The infirmary is almost full. Who will win?

Episode 8 – Break time

After the war of the Academy. It is time for the holiday. But is it holiday if they will only stay at the Island anyway?

Episode 9 – Conflicts between teachers and students

The teachers are pushy. The students are stupidly genius. They fight. But why?

Episode 10- Audiere’s kingdom

Audiere has too many supporters. Each of them are trying to win Audiere’s heart.

Episode 11- Nerds for exams

They heard that this graduation exam is going to be hard. Everyone was worried about it and study as much as they could. Will they get good results?

Episode 12 – Goodbye, seniors!

It’s graduation time. Sadness and happiness overflow. Who will leave the island and who will stay? Also, it’s prom night party. Will everyone have their own partner?

Perfect Imperfect World Project

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Set at unknown time, it is about life of students at Acriminixiel Elite International Academy located at Acrimi Island. There, all of the students are picked according to their own unique ability and everyone represents something. But what happens when every student has their own unique behavior too?


Creshamiera Fermin

Dylan Wormickhschwezn
-Has the power to control tree leaves and can revive dead trees

Crystalleen Barker

Arienne Windspear

Emyrine Morlake

Ariscard Chronorelle
-Can perform alchemy

Koushinku Yuranozuka
-Unknown ability

Nur Syuraini bt. Sulaiman
-unknown ability

Klesterine Morlake
-Can make people love him

Jasminiane Amistelle

Rainess Vanilly
-Can control weather

Flester Vanilly
-Can control ice element

Audiere Treshold
-Can use empathy and is genius in Mathematics, Science, Arts, Music, Literature, Language, Design.

Micleez Vanilly
-Can control blue fire

Everald Vanilly
-Can foretell future

Clauristrine Barker
-Can read people’s heart, Art-genius

Lectrislen Abseaven
-Art and animation-genius

Alumitrity Goshiere
-Can manipulate people’s memory

Claumerile Vanilly
-Can turn things into magnet

Daren Dakarai
-Unknown ability

Nisha Avani
-Unknown ability

Dante Matteo
-Sword fighting-genius

Miguel Ivan Ezequiel

Rafael Reyes Lorenzo
-Can give life to the dead

Adair Ea Wynne
-Can control fire element, History-genius

Airell Arthur Tiernan
-Unknown ability

Liezel Hide Rainhard
-Unknown ability

Muhammad Nabil Syafiq b. Rosli
-Unknown ability

Camius Korviere
-Can control every element

Redclivine Eristire

Viennere Rominisque
-Architecture and design-genius

Clementine Horbury
-Can go into people’s dream

Sylverie Windspear
-Unknown ability

Camille Liestriere
-Unknown ability

Hervearin Reve Garnet
-Unknown ability


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Eventhough it was too much, I still wanted to ask you…

“Fye, lets play 20 questions,” said Ila, smiling to the silver-haired one.
“Oh, that game?”
Ila smiles, nodding to the question. “Why do you like that game so much?”
“Tee hee, because I love to hear your answers. And I should be the one questioning here,” she smiles again with hands brushing Fye’s hands.
“Oh, I see. Forgive me. Then, I’ll answer every single of them just for you”

“Do you love me?” – “I do”
“Do you care about me?” – “I do”
“Do you really love me?” – “Yes, I do”
“Do you really care about me?” – “Yes, I do”
“Do you love Malilith?” – “I do”
“Do you really love Malilith?” – “Yes, I do”
“Do you care about him?” – “I do”
“Do you really care about him?” – “Yes, I do”
“Would you cry if I die?” – “I would”
“Would you cry if Malilith die?” – “I would”
“How much do you love me?” – “As much as you do”
“How much do you love Malilith?” – “As much as he does”
“How much do you love us?” – “More than myself”
“Have you ever thought that we are annoying?” – “Never”
“Have you ever thought that we are cute?” – “Always”

So, the question continues and Fye gladly answer every single of them until…

“How long will you stay with us?”

That last question… The last question… There is no answer coming from Fye. Ila stares blankly at him, waiting. He sighed and…

“Forever, my love”

But he lied. He never stay. He never did. He is the first to leave us… for eternity.

Eventhough I know it will hurt me, I still wanted to hear it…

“Will you ever leave?” – “Stop asking”
“Will you ever leave me?” – “Stop asking”
“Will you ever leave me like Fye did?” – “Stop…”
“Will you ever, Malilith… *holds herself* Will you ever…-” – “STOP IT!”

Malilith. He is the one who never answer, He never answer me. No matter how many times I asked him. No matter how…

“Malilith… W… Will you ever… -”
“It’s not like that! I… I just… Just wanted to…”
“If you keep on asking, I’ll kill myself,” said Malilith in threatening voice. “I will, Ila. I will”

No matter how painful it is, he will never answer. He will never… Unlike Fye…

But he creid everyday… Everyday when I did not ask…

“Why remain like this?”
“You want me to ask”
“No, I don’t”
“Will you ever-”
“You’re crying”
“You too”

Everytime I ask, I really mean it. Everytime you look into my eyes, I can’t control my tears, but so do you. You can’t answer me because you don’t want to hurt me but it actually hurts more when you… never answer…

“Don’t leave me…”

Silence. And that’s how we cried ourself to sleep.

“Dear Fye, will Malilith ever leave me?”
“He won’t”
“Are you lying?”
“I don’t”

WE CAN’T TAKE THIS! (part 4)

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“Sheesh, Malilith you shouldn’t say—”

When Fye look at Aeriel again, he sure does blushing. So red. He laugh at himself inside. (ha ha ha ^^”)

“Say.. Ila. If you don’t mind, can I go out with you?”

Everyone was very shocked with what Aeryl just said.

“Uhmm.. hahahaha.. Well.. I don’t think Ila-san will just go out with-”
“Sure! Why not?” cuts Ila.

Again, everyone is really shocked with the straight forward answer. In the other hand, Malilith was thinking and his heart is screaming, “NO!!!!!!!!!!! ILA WILL DATE WITH THIS GUY???? HOW ABOUT US????”

“Fye… *sniffles* I think.. *sniffles* Ila… our Ila doesn’t.. *sniffles* love us.. any.. anymore..” said Malilith and broke into a run.

Fye chase after Malilith about 5 seconds later after saying “sorry” to both Aeriel and Aeryl. Somehow this is getting weird. Ila sighed and continue to find her homework book.

“Uhmm.. Is it okay to leave him like that, Ila?” asked Aeryl.
“Well.. Fye will calm him down so don’t worry”